Bioflow – Animals

Healthy Pets are Happy Pets

All the great benefits of Bioflow’s  patented CRP magnotherapy are also available for your pet.

With a range of products designed specifically for Dogs, Cats and Horses, and used successfully on many other animals. The exceptional results that have been widely reported by customers and often featured in the press, destroys the myth that the benefits of Bioflow are ‘all in the mind’, because no-one has told the animals how they are meant to feel!

dog_small_3With the Bioflow helping animals with conditions such as;

  • Arthritis & Rheumatism
  • Wounds & Broken Bones
  • Eczema, Skin Sores & Ulcers
  • Laminitis & Tendonitis
  • Angina & Diabetes
  • And Many More

It’s no surprise that many veterinary surgeons are now using and recommending Bioflow products.

In my professional experience animals don’t lie and I have seen too many positive results with Bioflow to doubt its beneficial effects.

Roger Meacock – Veterinary Surgeon

Bioflow Dog Collars Dog Collar Red Large Black Collar on Alsation Bioflow Horse Boots
Dog Collars - £35 rrp. Choice of two sizes and four colours
Red Dog Collar - £35 rrp. Available in two sizes
Large Black Collar on Alsation
Bioflow Horse Boots - £70 rrp. Available in Two Sizes

Bioflow Dog Collars

Lightweight yet strong nylon webbing strap with a discreet CRP magnet module and heavy duty snap together buckle.

Available in two sizes and three colours. Small for animals with a neck circumference up to 45cm and Large up to 65cm.

Each size is fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.  Choose from Yellow, Olive Green, Red or Black straps.
RRP is £35.

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Bioflow Horse and Pony Brushing Boots

Supplied as a pair of boots, each boot contains two CRP magnet modules and fastens with two Velcro straps.

Available in two sizes – Small up to 14 hands and Large over 14 hands.
RRP is £70.

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