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What is Bioflow Magnotherapy and How Can It Help?

Magnotherapy is the use of magnetic fields to help heal and treat the body. It has long been known that magnotherapy can accelerate the natural healing process, increase energy and reduce aches and pains.  This almost forgotten natural health therapy, now combined with Bioflow’s modern technology has resulted in users reporting benefits with over 160 different complaints and ailments.

crp_wrist_wpBioflow’s unique and patented ‘Central Reverse Polarity’ (CRP) magnetic field, mimics the pulsed effect and alternating poles of expensive hospital electromagnetic equipment, giving similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Bioflow magnetic bracelets use safe, naturally occurring magnetic fields, resulting in a lightweight self-contained unit, that is convenient to wear, requires no batteries or power source and has a lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

Users have found Bioflow provides relief from a wide range of conditions and aches and pains of all sorts. They also benefit from quicker healing and improved circulation. Many positive National press articles have reported on customers’ success stories using Bioflow on themselves and their pets.

DUO_DUET_MONETBioflow – the only magnotherapy product independently reviewed in the British Medical Journal (Dec 2004). Visit the BMJ web site for full details of the report. (search for; Bioflow or Ecoflow)

Bioflow Magnotherapy – Changing Lives

  • arthritis
  • sports injuries
  • fatigue syndrome
  • aches and pains
  • accelerated healing
  • recommended by doctors and therapists

Suitable For All Ages Including Animals

Most Bioflow models are designed to be worn on the wrist for convenience and comfort. They have been used successfully on babies to pensioners and on family pets to elephants!

Bioflow performs an important ‘Health Maintenance’ function, conditioning the blood and improving its ability to carry oxygen and nutrients around the body and most importantly assists the removal of waste products. It is known that many conditions, including hardening of the arteries can benefit from an improved waste removal system, so everyone should wear a Bioflow in order to improve and maintain their good health for years to come.
Since the launch of Bioflow in 1995, our 1.5 million plus customers have reported benefits with over 160 different complaints and ailments!

“I know I bang on about them (magnets) ad infinitum but I know of several people who really believe their tendency to suffer from hayfever and allergies generally has lessened greatly since they’ve been wearing their Bioflow bracelet – honestly is there nothing this smashing bracelet won’t cure!”

Janey Lee Grace – Author of ‘Imperfectly Natural Woman’

Fourteen years of delighted customers, and acres of positive press coverage has proven, that, an almost forgotten ancient wisdom combined with creative thinking and modern technology, can still be incredibly effective for our health today.

“As a diabetic on insulin I suffer from neuropathy and terrible pains in my feet. Since wearing a Bioflow I no longer have the foot pain. I would recommend a Bioflow to all diabetics with the same condition.”
E.G.L Scott


Bioflow – Naturally Safe, Effective and Drug Free

We are seeing an increased awareness and understanding of the effectiveness of alternative and complimentary therapies today. Not too many years ago, aromatherapy, reflexology, yoga, herbal remedies and many others, were considered, strange, mystical and not for ‘normal’ people. Today of course, they are widely accepted, found in many high street shops and recommended by doctors and health practitioners.

Magnotherapy in general and Bioflow in particular, have also become an accepted way to prevent and help many conditions and ailments. People around the world are now enjoying life-changing results with Bioflow, as evidenced by the growing number of testimonials.

High Blood Pressure
For the past twelve years I have been taking Atenolol tablets to control my high blood pressure. Last January I purchased a Bioflow bracelet, over the past few months my blood pressure readings were getting lower and in June the doctor stopped my tablets altogether.
The Bioflow has done a marvellous job and I have nothing but praise for it. Normal blood pressure readings and no tablets! It’s worth it’s weight in gold.

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